Actionable intelligence for cyber security

A well-designed IT security programme to cover all the bases

Open up full visibility to identify and respond to threats across the organisation by transforming network insights into actionable security intelligence.

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What are the biggest challenges with your current endpoint protection solution?


Insufficient protection against the newest attacks


High complexity of deployment and operation


High rate of false positives

By combining industry-leading tools with our world-class skills, we provide enterprise-wide network security visibility, from the private network to the public cloud, as a fully managed service.

Constantly  analysing network activities, we apply advanced security analytics and machine learning  to detect and respond to threats in real time. We aggregate, correlate and analyse data within the context of the business and its operational environment to enable a swift, accurate and effective response that is based on truly actionable intelligence.

Smarter IT security with Nexio

A Cisco Gold partner, Nexio leverages leading tools such as Cisco Stealthwatch, Cisco Umbrella and Cisco Identity Services Engine to help make real-time network security a reality, from edge to edge.

IT security everywhere you need it

Despite heavy investment into IT infrastructure and security, organisations are finding that attacks are still getting through, and it can take months to detect them.

How can you be sure your current security controls are working, managed and configured correctly? Are you sure these tools are doing the job that you need them to do?  

Your first line of network security defence

A cloud-delivered, open platform that integrates easily with existing security stack to deliver live threat intelligence about current and emerging threats. Complete visibility into internet activity across all locations, devices, and users, and blocks threats before they ever reach your network or endpoints.

See what Cisco Umbrella can do for your organisation?

Insight into your whole IT security ecosystem

Today’s network extends to wherever your employees and data travel, which means that your business must be able to support a multitude of network-enabled devices to meet their access demands to work resources. The need for on-the-go productivity must be balanced by the need to protect the evolving enterprise network from unauthorised entry.



Ready to find out how actionable intelligence can protect your business from advanced threats

Nexio Careers

We’re always looking for self-starters, innovators and smart, creative people to join our ranks. We’re a proud Level 1 BBBEE contributor, with an emphasis on empowerment and transformation.

With some of the most skilled IT security consultants and engineers in the country, we have the expertise to turn your information into actionable intelligence.

Nexio has a black shareholding of more than 50%, and black female ownership of over 30%, and therefore can proudly lay claim to being one of South Africa’s most empowered IT companies.

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