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Every organisation that has embarked on a digital transformation journey will testify to the fact that there are several integral parts to transforming the business, and that there are several unforeseen challenges. Primary among these is the inability to bring all those moving parts together, and more importantly, the lack of visibility brought about as a result of disparate systems, technologies and departments.

Nexio has introduced a new tool designed to enable a simplified approach to expediting digital transformation, alleviating these challenges while providing the foundation for digital-oriented business change. “The Nexio digital platform enables organisational efficiency and effectiveness, provides a catalyst for change in digital growth and innovation and, most importantly, through this enablement, drives an improved bottom line,” says Gerhard Swanepoel, Digital Enterprise Architect at Nexio.

“By simplifying and transforming most repetitive aspects of infrastructure, software and applications, through automation and integration, the platform can provide a catalyst for new business value creation. Offering complete visibility into every technology, system and process employed by the business, the Nexio digital platform creates an environment that enables business value from IT initiatives through focused collaboration,” he adds.

The platform integrates between various systems within a company, allowing both business and IT leaders to create value through data and focus, building a culture of continuous improvement and learning. It offers complete management capabilities across the organisation and boasts built-in analytics, leveraging AI operations and dynamic baselining machine learning algorithms, allowing the company to gain insights into where it can optimise operations and build a competitive advantage.

Swanepoel points out that the digital platform’s ability to link disparate systems and offer full visibility across all those ecosystems is what provides one of the fundamental building blocks to the foundation of digital transformation. “The capacity and the time needed to execute new strategies are often lacking in companies. As a result, digital transformations tend to happen only on the edges, as opposed to throughout the business. By identifying and addressing the latent needs in the organisation, our platform ensures that every digital transformation strategy is controlled and visible to the business throughout all areas of the business.”

The Nexio platform is available as a service, hosted or fully managed, on-premises or in the cloud. It can be used by any organisation, across multiple departments, systems, processes and technologies.

“Its ability to optimise operations, integrate systems and technology, augmented through IT process automation and enterprise visibility, allows for the company to improve the functionality and overall manageability of the entire IT ecosystem,” says Swanepoel.

He adds that it is important to be prepared to fail fast and fail forward – in essence, by adopting a DevOps approach. “There are five domains that you must take into consideration in developing your strategy, as all are critical parts of digitisation: customers, data, value, innovation and agility. Your customers are why you undertake digitisation in the first place, and data determines what they want to drive additional value. Innovation is what keeps you ahead of the competition and agility is all about your responsiveness to change.”

The latter, explains Swanepoel, is vital and should be based on feedback from the market. With a digitised business, you should be able to rapidly and flexibly adapt to changing customer demands. The Nexio digital platform is all about enabling business to be agile enough to respond quickly to changes within the business operations landscape.

“This, ultimately, is what lies at the heart of digital transformation – being able to rapidly make internal changes as required, in order to deliver the kind of service that customers in the global economy and digital culture simply expect as part of the service,” he says.

“Digitisation is all about getting the required information as quickly as possible, getting this to the right people in your organisation so they can make the necessary changes and then – via a DevOps approach – getting these changes out into the market as quickly as possible, in order to deliver the relevant service to customers better and faster,” Swanepoel concludes.

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