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Why choose Nexio for Managed IT Services?

With the flexibility to choose a combination of service components, we can manage a single aspect of your operations, or provide an entire end-to-end service.

  • Skills, expertise and professional services designed to exceed client expectations
  • Constantly invested in expanding resources, offerings and capabilities for your benefit
  • We run the critical aspects of your digital business, so your people don’t have to.



Digital Platform as a Service

The integrated digital business platform that solves legacy problems and modernises environments.

Whether you want it in the cloud, or on premise, the choice is yours. Our fully managed service:

Digital Platform

  • Improves visibility into the IT ecosystem - every user, every device, every connection
  • Improves quality of service delivery through automation and resource optimisation
  • Accelerates development of apps, faster time to market with new services/products
  • Is billed on a consumption basis, as a service, for transparent, predictable costs

Cybersecurity as a Service

Align your business with a partner that understands the ever-evolving threat landscape and the need to play by new network security visibility rules.

Our fully managed service:

Cybersecurity & Governance

  • Properly considers risk, governance, compliance, people, processes and technologies.
  • Provides a complete understanding of the company’s cyber risk profile
  • Uses technology to ensure that security enables business without slowing it down
  • Adapt as threats evolve, technologies mature and business needs change

Multi-Cloud as a Service

Whether you need a public, private or hybrid cloud environment, integrating all your cloud requirements into the Nexio Digital Platform simplifies management, control and provisioning within a multi-cloud ecosystem.


  • Reduces the time, cost and risks of digital transformation
  • Simplifies operations across multiple cloud products, services or vendors
  • Delivers flexible, on-demand access to compute resources for rapid scaling
  • Turns multi-cloud chaos into a single gateway for seamless workflows

Workforce Transformation as a Service

We deliver everything that businesses need to drive change and empower employees, from the inside out, by combining technology and digital change management.

Cybersecurity & Governance

  • Convert employee enablement costs from capex to opex, by taking it as-a-service
  • Benefit from constant access to the latest devices and technologies
  • Fit-for-purpose solutions, tailored to your specific business needs

Data Centre as a Service

Get help solving legacy challenges and build the data centre your business needs to succeed.
Our data centre managed service offers:

Data Centre

  • Options for fully managed, private, public or hybrid solutions
  • Consolidation, virtualisation, data analytics and security, end-to-end
  • Storage, management and application needs are always met
  • Data growth is easily controlled and properly managed

Data Management & Big Data Analytics as a Service

We offer a complete data management and big data analytics managed solution that ensures businesses extract value from data, by handling and securing every aspect of data lifecycle management.

Data Management & Big Data Analytics

  • Covers compliance and regulatory requirements for every industry
  • Customised to client-specific security requirements to manage risk
  • 360-degree view to manage information and insights as business assets
  • Administers storage and management of internal and external data

Digital Networking as a Service

Our connectivity managed services enable businesses to solve lingering networking problems with secure advanced networking and mobile collaboration built on an integrated digital platform.

Digital Networking

  • Offers secure, borderless networking for a streamlined experience
  • Supports voice, video and web conferencing for flexible communications
  • Expands with messaging, mobile apps and enterprise social software
  • Delivers mobile collaboration on any device to increase productivity



To unlock the potential for innovation in your business, let’s talk Managed IT services today.

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