Cisco Stealthwatch: Scalable visibility and security analytics

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Cisco Stealthwatch provides enterprise-wide visibility, from the private network to the public cloud, and applies advanced security analytics to detect and respond to threats in real-time.

What can Cisco Stealthwatch do for your organisation?

Know every host, see every conversation and understand what is normal. Be alerted to change and respond to threats quickly with full network security visibility.

Continuously monitor and detect advanced threats that have bypassed existing security controls or come from within

Focus on critical incidents, silence the noise with contextual, high-fidelity alarms prioritised by threat severity

Respond quickly and effectively with complete knowledge of threat activity, network audit trails for forensic investigations

Leverage existing investments with complete integration into existing security controls on IT infrastructure to utilise rich network telemetry for enhanced security

Scale protection with growing business needs whether you are adding a new branch or a data center, moving workloads to the cloud, or simply adding more devices

Ensure compliance with customisable, dynamic policy violation alarms that can be tuned to the business logic.



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