Cisco® Identity Services Engine: Secure and manage your evolving network

With a larger attack surface that is becoming increasingly complex to secure, it is now necessary for businesses to take a more robust approach to securing and managing the dynamic enterprise network.

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What can Cisco® Identity Services Engine (ISE) do for your organisation?

Accelerate Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) and enterprise mobility:

  • Easy out-of-the box setup with self-service device on-boarding and management
  • Integrated Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) partner software for device on-boarding both on and off premises
  • Internal device certificate management

Construct a software-defined segmentation policy to contain network threats:

  • Use Cisco TrustSec technology to enforce role-based access control at the routing, switching, and firewall layer
  • Dynamically segment access without the complexity of multiple VLANs or the need to redesign the network

Share user and device data with partner network and security solutions and respond quickly:

  • Improve their overall efficacy and accelerate the time to containment of network threats
  • Automatically detect and contain threats with Cisco Firepower® Management Center integration
  • Contain the infected endpoints for remediation, observation, or removal

Centralise and unify highly secure access control based on business roles:

  • Provide a consistent network access policy for end users whether they connect through a wired or wireless network or VPN
  • Deploy robust guest experiences that provide multiple levels of access to your network
Struggling with mobility and identity management? Get the clarity and control you need with Cisco® Identity Services Engine. Contact us today to learn more about how to manage your evolving network.



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