Cloud Solutions: Your Cloud, Your Way

You can’t be the next big thing to disrupt the market unless the way you work changes.
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Change how your people work with Microsoft Teams and Office 0365

Bring teams and resources together in one place, protect business assets and simplify total IT management with a single solution.


Create, collaborate and connect with customers, co-workers and suppliers.


Access work securely from anywhere, available on Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, and through web browsers.


Benefit from always-on security to safeguard business data across PCs, phones and tablets.


Manage users and devices through a single dashboard with easy employee setup and deployment.

Ready to unleash your workforce on the world and invigorate their productivity? Let’s talk Microsoft Teams and O365 today. Contact Nexio today.  

Change how your data centre works, migrate to the cloud with Microsoft Azure

Get faster cloud capability adoption and accelerate your cloud computing ambitions with dedicated and skilled support from our Microsoft experts. Build your ideal IT environment by selecting from a wide range of infrastructure elements like virtual machines, cloud storage, operating systems and applications, on a pay as you go basis.


Gain the ability to rapidly deploy and manage business information systems within a public or hybrid cloud


Cut through the complexity of cloud adoption with expert assistance in tailoring cloud migration strategies for Microsoft Azure and hand-holding support


Evolve to a virtual data centre with varied storage and virtual networking elements


Switch on Database as a Service capabilities beyond database licensing


Develop and deploy wherever you choose, with the first truly reliable hybrid cloud available


Benefit from powerful data and artificial intelligence services to build smart apps.

Get the ability to build your IT ecosystem with cloud-based infrastructure, storage and services purpose-built for business success. Contact Nexio Today.

Change how your business works, use SAP Managed Services with Azure

Eliminate administrative headaches by evolving your in-house SAP system. Choose a solid SAP cloud hosting foundation instead and get the ultimate automated workforce management system with specialised services for SAP Basis Administration, database administration and infrastructure management.

SAP Managed Services is a fully managed, hosted SAP solution that can be tailored to your exact business needs

Unlock the full benefits of cloud computing with highest service level agreements and the lowest total cost per application

Run business applications on a unified, reliable, efficient infrastructure built from industry-standard components capable of easy replacement

Store all data efficiently and securely with consolidated cloud storage that provides advanced protection to ensure data integrity

Scale your SAP solution to match your business growth, without disrupting ongoing operations.

If your organisation needs to cut spend on setting up, managing, maintaining, upgrading and monitoring SAP systems and infrastructure, contact Nexio today. 

Change how your business resilience works with Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Cloud Backup gives your organisation efficient, secure backup that puts you in total control with easy-to-manage backup schedules and restoration through an intuitive interface.


Cloud Backup is a cost effective way to backup on-premises servers and desktops to the Cloud


Flexible, high-performance and secure back-ups over the Internet with encryption on disk and during transit to secure data wherever it moves


Cloud Backup web portal offers secure data access on the go, from any device and any location


Low, predictable, transparent costs – pay only on a consumption basis per laptop, server or virtual machine



Achieve digital resilience and help your organisation bounce back from anything with Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery.

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